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Can Open Source Science be Too Open?

Synaptic Leap Presentation

The Cost of Open Access

PLoS One

Varmus on Open Science

Informal Scientific Communication

Open Source Science and Commercial Interests

Peer Review in the Google Age

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Useful Chemistry: Synthetic Pages

Information listed on UsefulChem Site:

Open Source Science Coordination Sites

  1. The Synaptic Leap
  2. Chemists Without Borders
  3. World Community Grid
  4. BioForge
  6. ACS Chemical Biology Wiki
  7. The OpenScience Project (software)
  8. Nodal Point (bioinformatics blog)

Open Source Science General Information

  1. Berkes site
  2. Finding Cures for Tropical Diseases - Is Open Source the Answer?
  3. Peter Murray-Rust talk on Open Data in Science
  4. The Blue Obelisk - Operability in Chemical Informatics
  5. Rzepa summary of web 2.0 chemistry

Rally Behind Open Access