Blog Research

In literature, we study texts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry). In this study, the point is to look at how chemists communicate with one another for the purposes of sharing data. Since this study is not about the actual chemistry shared, but rather the discourse used to share it, it is essential to examine the texts that serve as vehicles to this sort of communication.

For this study, I am relying on blogs and wikis to serve as primary texts.

Blog Roll

Peter Murray-Rust's A Scientist and the Web (Cambridge)

Jean-Claude Bradley's UsefulChem (Drexel)

Jean-Claude Bradley's Co-As Blog

Richard Apodaca's Depth First: Walking the Web of Chem Informatics

Egon Willighagen's chem-bla-ics

Wiki Wonderland

Blue Obelisk


AlChem,org (thanks, Jerome Pansanel)